Jewelry Artist’s Basic Tools

Fashion Jewelry is reasonable to buy but it may be more fun to make it yourself.

You do not have to be a “professional handyman” in order to make your own jewelry.

The easiest technique to learn is beading.

As you become more experienced you may also want to try your hand at soldering, wire wrapping etc., and use more advanced tools and methods, but for a start a complete set of tools will cost you less than $90.

Below I have listed some items you will find necessary or useful when you start out beading.

You may find other tools that you prefer, and from other shops, but in the list below are items sold by “Firemountain Gems and Beads”, and their prices as per today Sept. 1st 2012.
Prices can differ a bit, so be sure to check in with the company to get the recent price.

Just click on an image below and you will be taken to their site and land on the product you are asking for.

Or click on Firemountain for their Home page.

Recommended minimum tools for start-up

Flat Nose Pliers $11.86
Bent Nose Pliers $11.86
Round Nose Pliers $12.67
Round Nose and concave pliers $9.96
Side cutter $10.68
Scissors $8.14
Bead board $5.58
Tweezers $3.99
Beading needles $3.92
Ruler $4.49
Adhesive $5.34
Total $88.49

In addition you will have to pay freight for the items.

However, Firemountain gives you a possibility to get reduced price for purchases of more than 14 items.

You will also need some wire and other parts in order to get started and if you buy parts at the same time, you will get a price reduction on both the tools and the parts as long as the total number of items is above 14.

If you purchase more than 49 items you will receive a further rebate.

Maybe you can find ways to get it even cheaper?

Check out their website for more info.

Higher quality, or additional, items
Flat nose pliers $39.78
Bent nose pliers $40.98
Round nose and concave pliers $36.70
Side cutters $45.70
Scissors $20.13
Bead boards/mats

(After a while you may prefer mats
or simple one-compartment trays)


Check the MSDS Info on item 3


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