What Stringing Material

There are a large number of different stringing materials in the market but none of them fits all uses. The choice of string depends on what beads you are using and what item you are making.

Below are some general guide lines:

General Applications
Beads with smooth drill holes (amber, coral, etx.) Silk, polyester or nylon
Beads with abrasive drill holes FireLine, Bedalon, polyester or nylon
Beads with large drill holes, metal etc. Accu-Flex, Fireline, Acculon or Tiger Tail
Pearls Silk thread
Ropes or Woven Necklaces Nylon

When you are first starting out I recommend transparent monofilament (fishing line).

In addition, a black nylon wire .012″ (.30mm).

7 and/or 49 strand steel wires, Accu-Flex or Bedalone, .010″ and .012″ (.25mm and .30mm) are also very handy. These steel wires are composed of tiny steel cables inside a nylon coating. The more strands they are composed of, the more flexible the wire.

For finer beading work, a nylon thread named Silamide is very easy to use as it is pre-conditioned and waxed. This thread is becoming more popular than the un-conditioned Nymo-thread as you do not have to wax it or precondition it in any way.
A good size for beading is size A which is abt. 0.006″ (0.15mm).
Silamide comes in many different colors but the most popular colors are black and white.

Finally, an elastic cord may be needed as well.
A white and a black “Powercord” .5mm is a good choice.

When you get more experienced you will want to have other wires and threads in addition, and also various colors, but for a start you should be very well prepared for most beading projects with the recommendations below.

My recommendations for a start-up:

  1. Monofilament, transparent (fishing line) .30mm
  2. Monofilament nylon, Parachute, black .012″ (.30mm)
  3. 7 strand Accu-Flex (or Bedalone) .010″ (.25mm)
  4. 7 strand Accu-Flex (or Bedalone) .012″ (.30mm)
  5. Silamide, size A, white
  6. Silamide, size A, black
  7. Powercord, white, .50mm
  8. Powercord, black, .50mm

In addition to the list above, you may also want to have 6lb or 4lb Fireline which is a very popular thread to use for stringing and beading projects.

Initial threads and wires may cost you abt. $40 – $50.

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