New Products And Material

New products have been added on our shop front.

We are still keeping our older items in our shop but new products will be shown from time to time on the front page of our main site.

I am trying out new techniques and materials and will keep you updated on progress and what I find to be interesting.

The latest I am going to try out is something called “Crystal Decor Clay” that I got from my local supplier.

It is a type of clay that cures in room temperature within 12-24 hours and is meant for crystal beads to be embedded in the surface of the clay model.

I going to try it out in the next couple of weeks and give you information on the result.

If successful I will supply the address to a company distributing it locally here in Singapore and also distributing it on mail order.

Anybody out there who has experience with this clay?

A lot of people have been asking me to teach them how to make their own jewelry. I don’t seem to ever have the time to sit down and teach so I am using other peoples teaching material under our page “D I Y” on this blog site.

My husband is the one doing the practical details concerning our web sites and administering the company. He is a great help in assisting me in our daily routines and is updating our blog and Facebook page etc. as and when he has the time.

Hope to keep on updating our blog and social media with things you may find useful on “how to do” so keep yourself updated on new things that are added in.

I am very grateful for comments.

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