Welcome to my jewelry blog.

I’m Zaiton Moldskred – Jewelry artist with a passion for fashion accessories.

Throughout the years I have purchased fine jewelry whenever I could afford it.
However, I found that many of the fashion jewelry pieces I came across could often compete with fine jewelry, and sometimes even be more attractive than the much more expensive pieces.

I got more and more interested in fashion jewelry and wanted to try making some simple ones myself.
Through my experience, and interest, with flower arrangements and interior decoration, I felt I could handle the artistic side of it, to some extent.
However, I did not feel confident with my technical skills.

Luckily, my husband joined me in my endeavor and with his engineering experience helped me with the technical part.

At first I only made jewelry pieces for my own use, and pleasure, but as my friends and family discovered my new-found “talent” they asked me to make some items for them as well.
I was happy to comply but found that after a while the demand grew so much that I had to find a way to cover my cost.
Everybody was very understanding when I told them that I had to charge the cost of the products.
Business was constantly growing and spread to some shop owners within the fashion industry.

I thought that selling through shops was a great idea even though the shops wanted the jewelry on consignment.
After a while I had thousands of dollar worth of jewelry placed in various shops.
This stretched my economy quite a bit, especially as many of the shops were not selling much but instead used my jewelry as attraction pieces and sold other, cheap, factory made items instead.

It was a good lesson although expensive.

As the number of different items grew there was a need for a catalog to show the range of products.
Even though the catalogs were simple it took some time to prepare and to update them.
The solution was internet.
My husband (IT-literate) set up a website presenting our products together with a simple shopping cart.
Now it is very much easier to handle both presentation and updates of the product listings.

The way of using internet is constantly being upgraded and I am still very new to this media but I am certain this is the way to go.

Thank you for taking time to visit my blog.

All the best on your journey into the Fashion Jewelry Business.

– Zaiton Moldskred