New Products And Material

New products have been added on our shop front. We are still keeping our older items in our shop but new products will be shown from time to time on the front page of our main site. I am trying … Continue reading

What Stringing Material

There are a large number of different stringing materials in the market but none of them fits all uses. The choice of string depends on what beads you are using and what item you are making. Below are some general … Continue reading

Crystals For Fashion Jewelry

There is a lot of confusion concerning crystals used in fashion jewelry today. Most crystals used in this kind of jewelry is man-made, but also some natural semi-precious stones are used. The man-made crystal most resembling natural diamonds is Cubic … Continue reading


Besides beading, my main hobbies are flower arrangements and cooking. It seems that all my hobbies tend to turn into some kind of semi-hobby-business activities requiring more time than I can set aside for these interests. I am a “full … Continue reading

Fashion Jewelry Why/What?

Every one in the world wants to look fashionable. Further, all of us love to look trendy and like to have his / her own identity apart from a crowd of people. We know your appearance and attire speaks louder. … Continue reading

How Expensive Is Jewelry?

Fine jewelry with gold and diamonds is at the high end of the scale and may be more difficult to purchase due to the high cost. Fashion jewelry is often a good choice instead as the price is significantly lower … Continue reading

Introduction To Fashion Jewelry

Most Fashion Jewelry is created using non-precious materials. Metal parts are often gold- or silver plated and with or without crystals, pearls and stones. Fashion jewelry is nothing new, it has been around since the early ages of humans in … Continue reading